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PLEASE NOTE: Parts of the Floral Palace are closed currently to allow us to complete necessary maintenance works. We are in the process of enhancing our Floral Palace to create a truly breathtaking atmosphere. We are dedicated to providing a great experience for our valued guests. Your patience is appreciated during this time. Thank you!

Natureland’s Floral Palace is a tropical paradise, within a large 150ft (50m) glasshouse! We have three sections in our Floral Palace, housing tropical birds, beautiful butterflies, and impressive cacti.

From South Africa to Australia, the tropical birds in our Floral Palace can be found across the globe. Our variety of colourful birds can be seen exploring the undergrowth and flying throughout the first section of our Floral Palace!

Our tropical butterflies are located in the middle section of the Floral Palace. They can be seen from April until October. Glasswings, Blue Morphos, Giant Owl Butterflies and many more species fly through this section when the sun is shining. When the weather is cloudy, they can still be seen resting on the plants/flowers or refuelling at a feeding station!

The cacti found in the end section of the Floral Palace can be found in deserts such as Mexico and North Africa! Paired with some beautiful plants and a tranquil waterfall, this makes this section a desirable little place to have a seat on one of our benches and admire the impressive beauty of these prickly plants.

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