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Adopt an animal

Most of the animals at Natureland are available for adoption, from the fish to the farm animals and the seals to the snakes. All adoptions last for one year and in return you will receive a personalized certificate, your name on a plaque in the exhibit and two complimentary tickets.

For £25 Each

Smaller Tropical House Exhibits, Aquarium Tanks, Chickens, Rabbit Exhibit, Guinea Pig Exhibit, Goats, Turkeys (Pair), Budgie/Cockatiel Aviary

For £50 Each

Penguins (each), Crocodile (each), Alpacas (each), Soay Sheep Exhibit, Koi Pool, Meerkat (each), Tropical Butterfly Exhibit, Tropical Bird Exhibit.

For £75 Each

All our Resident Seals are available for adoption.

Become a Friend of the Seal Hospital

The purpose of this project is to raise funds to help with the cost of rescuing and returning baby seals to the wild. Each seal costs, from rescuing to returning, approximately £2,000 in food, vets, medicines etc. Also money is needed to maintain and improve existing facilities and equipment.

Bronze Friend (£30-£59 donation)

Silver Friend (£60-£99 donation)

Gold Friend (£100-£249 donation)

Platinum Friend (£250+ donation)

If you want to donate a smaller amount, please consider going to our JustGiving page. All donations, not matter how big or smaller, are greatly appreciated

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