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Pixie’s Pup Name Reveal

After the extra long wait for Pixie’s pup arrival on 29th July, the little boy now has been given a name!

Following our seasonal naming convention of a chosen theme, this year is Mr Men & Little Miss.

Going to a vote on our social media channels, the public have decided on Mr Tickle!


As ‘Tickle’ is brother to Pixie’s previous pup last year, both the public and Natureland felt it was only right to name him after his older brother Pickle.


Mr Tickle has made great progress with Mum and will soon be ready in the coming weeks to transfer to our Rearing Pool, ready to learn how to catch fish, just like our rescue seals and get used to other seals in a safe, simulated environment. In the future, Tickle will eventually be released back into the wild, just like his older brother Pickle for, hopefully, a happy and enriching life.

At Natureland, we look forward to seeing how our little pup progresses further over the next few weeks with updates being made on our social media channels – Facebook & Instagram.


You can catch a glimpse of Mr Tickle at Natureland whilst with mum or learning with other baby seals in our rearing pool this summer!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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